MW2015 – A Balanced Scorecard for social media

May 11, 2015 - Published by

Last month I attended the Museums and the Web conference in Chicago. It was a special conference as for the first time I presented some of the conclusions of my PhD about the application of the Balanced Scorecard for museums to measure the impact and value of their social media activities. It was in a session titled ‘Social Media Metrics’ and here are the slides of my presentation. The full paper ‘An evaluation framework for success: Capture and measure your social-media strategy using the Balanced Scorecard‘ is published on the conference website. The research presented in this paper is part of the fieldwork I have carried out at Tate for my Ph.D. Now it is time to write-up the thesis!

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  • patricia gouws says:

    Good day Elena,
    impressive work. Would like to discuss some issues around the strategic themes of the social media evaluation framework and the BSC perspectives. This is part of my PhD work. Kindly Patricia

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